Lowongan Kerja, Karir PT Adaro Energy Tbk (Adaro) I November 2015

Lowongan Kerja, Karir PT Adaro Energy Tbk (Adaro) November 2015PT Adaro Energy Tbk (Adaro) adalah kelompok perusahaan energi di Indonesia yang berfokus pada bisnis pertambangan batubara yang terintegrasi melalui anak-anak perusahaan. Lokasi operasional Adaro yang utama terletak di provinsi Kalimantan Selatan, dimana anak perusahaannya, PT Adaro Indonesia, mengoperasikan tambang batubara tunggal terbesar di bumi bagian selatan. Adaro beroperasi di bawah di bawah naungan PKP2B (Perjanjian Karya Pengusaha Batubara) generasi pertama yang berlaku sampai tahun 2022. Membuka lowongan kerja untuk ditempatkan di Kalimantan Selatan sebagai :
Lowongan Kerja, Karir PT Adaro Energy Tbk (Adaro) I November 2015


Job responsibilities
  • Develop and review organization structure to ensure the integration from employee, process and technology.
  • Implement and evaluate Organizational Development activities ( i.e job analysis, job evaluation and performance management )
  • Execute talent management activities such as competency profiling, competency mapping, individual development plan to ensure future leader pipeline within the organization.
  • Identify issues that is affecting the organizational health for the whole organization.
  • Make training and learning need analysis, evaluate the training activities, and control the training budget.

Job requirement
  • At least 10 years working experience at Human Resources field and preferably as OD Section Head for the last 3 years.
  • Minimum bachelor degree from any industries
  • Required technical competencies: Career management, Training management, Succession management, Job management, Performance appraisal.
  • Willing to be located at Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan


Job responsibilities
  • Developing methods and strategies for the procurement of farm and plantation businesses ranging from a supplier search process, assessment of the quality of livestock to be purchased and the evaluation of the performance of suppliers to ensure procurement activities running smoothly.
  • Develop a network with suppliers and procurement for farms and estates as well as business support equipment so as to avoid dependence on one type of supplier.
  • Related coordinate procurement number and suitability of supporting farms and plantations with the procurement so as to support operational activities.
  • Monitoring the administration of the data collection process and ensure accuracy so that data can be provided in a timely operational.
  • To analyze the data and operational information to support process improvement and development of operational processes.
  • Preparing documents and reports required permits for livestock and plantations to the relevant agencies in order to support operational activities.
  • To collect the data necessary for the audit process and ensure the readiness of the audit so that audit process run smoothly.
  • Establish and maintain communications intensive mutually beneficial relationships with external parties such as the public and stakeholders for smooth and business development, in accordance with the norms, regulations and Adaro Value
  • Looking for customers to sell their farms and plantations that make a profit for the company

Job requirement
  • Min. Bachelor Degree in Agriculture or Livestock
  • Min. 3-5 years experience as a Business Development Assistant Manager (preferably from industrial agriculture / livestock)
  • Good Strategic Business skills
  • Good Agribusiness Management skills
  • Good Project Management skills
  • Good English is a must
  • Willing to be located at Kalimantan Selatan


Job responsibilities
  • Preparing the organizational structure and Man Power Planning in accordance with the direction of business development / operations and business processes so that there is a division of tasks and responsibilities are clear and that the synergy between functions with other functions within the organization.
  • Carry out job analysis and drafting a job description along with competency profiles and position according to the design specifications of the organization that has agreed to provide a detailed overview of the tasks and responsibilities of each position in the organization.
  • Implement job evaluation and recommended grade office holders in accordance with the procedure applicable to existing positions in the company so that it can be used as a reference in determining the remuneration package and career path within the company.
  • Recommend key performance indicators and targets for each position and the work of employees in the company in accordance with the target company's operations so that it can be used as a regular reporting and implementation of systems development company performance.
  • Monitor and document the achievement of the objectives of all employees working in the company so that data can be used as promotional material, the provision of remuneration packages and the determination of potential employees.
  • Analyzing the problems or issues that resulted in the 'health' of the organization as a whole, including the moral aspect, effectiveness, turnover, presence, up productivity so that it can be used as a material consideration in determining the pace of intervention.

Job requirement
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology or Management, min GPA 3.00
  • Have min 2 years experience as Organization Development Officer
  • Required Competencies: Job Management, Performance Appraisal, Career Management, and Man Power Planning
  • Good communication skills
  • Good command in English both oral and written
  • Willing to be placed at Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan

Closing date
19 November 2015

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